How Can I Order?

You can order our products from the dealers you have reached by selecting a country from the dealers section. If you want to get more detailed information, you can reach our Whatsapp +905413082580 number.

How can I become your dealer?

We have a dealer system. For this, you can apply by entering the dealer system. You can check the confirmation message in your email.

How can I learn the paint code of my vehicle?

The paint code of your vehicle is on the left door section of the vehicle and there is a black sticker. You can forward this code to our customer representatives.
Color differences (Tonal Difference) may occur in production, although rare. Paint quality for automobiles in Fiberglass products
may be more rough than its surface, this is because the metal will not shrink. Fiberglass material will shrink for a certain period of time.

Gibt es Rücksendungen für die Produkte?

ABS Plastic products are refundable in products. However, there are no returns on Fiberglass products. The reason for this is that the products are not in stock, we have the molds and they are specially produced for you. For this reason, we do not have any returns on fiberglass bodykit products.

What is the delivery time of the products?

Products are delivered to our customers between 3-5 working days through our dealers. Our delivery times may vary depending on shipping addresses and workload. You can inquire about product stock status.

Are the products in stock?

The products are not in stock. Each product has a mold and is produced after order.
Our dealers give orders to our factory and deliver them to you.

Can I buy the Paintless Bodykit?

Yes . You can order our bodykit products unpainted. Products are shipped in a lined way.

What are the Shipping Process, Fees and Details?

Products are delivered to our dealers in Turkey and from our dealers to our dealers' customers. We send bodykits with contracted cargo companies. Delivery times vary depending on your region.
 Shipping costs are determined by the shipping companies.
 You can contact our dealers whether your cargo is paid by the buyer or the sender.